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Penalty 2016


Penalty 2016 is a sports game for kids and adults that can turn what might have been boring time into something fun, stimulating and challenging. As you know, a soccer game is often won (or lost) during penalty shootouts. Perhaps no other part of a soccer match carries as much suspense and that is what this game is all about, besides good reflexes.Click the Penalty button from the main page to begin the game. To shoot the ball, simply tap on it. What makes the game potentially challenging is that the arrow pointing forwards from the ball and the goal keeper often move in tandem. Your goal (pun intended) is to shoot the ball at the right time so that the goalie is bypassed and the ball goes into the net. Whenever you score, your team gains a point. Whenever the goalie blocks the shot, the opposing team gains a point. The penalty shootout lasts 2 minutes and the score is clearly shown at the upper left. People who like soccer games will love this Penalty game.
The Bonus Game is a simple yet, at the same time, complex Throw game. You have 5 acorns that you need to hurl with the catapult in order to bring down the stone structure that houses the various rodents. Not only does the game demand sound knowledge of physics but good strategy skills because the demolition in this case is no easy task.
The More Games button leads to a page through which 8 other games can be downloaded. Unlike the Throw Game, these games are not in the app and they have to be downloaded and installed. They are Flabby Cat, City Builder, Marble Smash, Fishing Game, Flying Bird, Panda Games, Magician and 2D Cube. They are all high quality games that emphasize quick response time and are suitable for all age groups.
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